I just posted some costumes!

 Hi everyone and welcome to Treat it Forward!
Four days before HalIoween 2015, I posted 4 pictures of my kids previous Halloween costumes, free of charge for anyone who would need them. I never, EVER, expected total strangers to rush forward, offering to donate costumes, money, time and support. #TreatItForward snowballed immediately. I ran around like a crazy person, collecting and delivering costumes to help parents out. Good parents who make the tough decisions. Who work hard and give their kids everything they *need* but sometimes there's not a lot left over for the *wants*. Costumes are expensive, especially for something that will only be worn for what *used* to be a couple of hours. These days Halloween isn't just one night anymore. There are trunk or treats, carnivals, fall festivals, and kids wear them to school. Haley Bull with KFDM ran a story on it and from there...some amazing people jumped into the trick or treat pumpkin with me. Sarah Hearn Wells with the Clifton Steamboat Museum immediately contacted me and offered to donate a ballroom to host an event for the next year. From that point on it was one blessing after another that led up to October 7th, 2016 and to what Treat it Forward is now; some very close friends and I working as hard as we can. Last year we collected 560 costumes from the community and over 400 kids attended the 1st Annual Treat it Forward Family Fun Day. They were treated to free popcorn, water, bounce houses, face painting, character hugs, and alligators from Gator Country. This was me begging for donations on Go Fund Me and from friends and family.  Treat it Forward offers Halloween help to families in need one donated costume at a time!